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Last Knights Opens April 3

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BAFTA winner and Oscar® nominee CLIVE OWEN (Children of Men, Sin City, Closer, Gosford Park) and Academy Award winner MORGAN FREEMAN (The Dark Knight Rises, Invictus, Million Dollar Baby, Shawshank Redemption) star in the action-drama LAST KNIGHTS.

Set in a nameless feudal society, LAST KNIGHTS tells the timeless tale of a fallen warrior and his enduring loyalty to the master who redeemed him from the despair of his dark past. The film follows Commander Raiden (Owen) and his band of warriors as they wage battle against the corrupt ruler Geza Mott to avenge the unjust death of their honorable leader Lord Bartok (Freeman).

Commander Raiden was the living, breathing embodiment of the ancient code of the sword but the era of the warrior was ending as battle and honor were being replaced by stifling protocol and devious politics. After being summoned by the reigning Emperor’s nefarious minister Geza Mott, Raiden’s master, Lord Bartok, defiantly takes the journey to the capital city with his loyal soldiers accompanying him. During his visit, Lord Bartok is unjustly convicted of treason and ordered to be executed. The Bartok clan is thus stripped of their name and evicted from their lands, leaving Lord Bartok’s family, as well as Raiden and his soldiers, in a state of forced exile. Raiden must then make a decision between his deep loyalties to Bartok and his own survival.

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