This Is The End Review

This is the End (R)


Mike: Tonight we are reviewing This is the End, a buddy comedy about the end of the world. It helps when the buddies are guys like James Franco and Seth Rogen.

Michael I:  And you can guess from the title, that this movie is about the end of the world — but from a comedic perspective. Mike, what did you think?

Mike: I thought this movie was hilarious. Probably the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. It is definitely R rated humor, but the great thing is that all these famous guys play themselves in the movie.

Mike: What did you think?

Michael I:  I agree. It was the most fun that I’ve had in a theater since watching ‘Project X.’

Mike: I laughed all the way through.

Michael I:  And none of the jokes fell flat for me. Usually there’s at least one, but not here.

Mike: No. This was my kind of humor. This movie was like ‘Knocked Up’ meets ‘Ghostbusters’. Ghostbusters, you say? Yes, because after all this is a comedy about the end of the world.

Mike: This was definitely funnier than ‘Finding a Friend for the End of the World’ with Steve Carrell.

Michael I:  But you can’t really compare those two — one’s a straight raunchy comedy, the other’s a rom com —

Mike: I can if I want to…

Michael I:  Apples and oranges, my friend.

Mike: Ok, but its the only other end of the world comedy I could think of.

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Mike: This movie has a great cast. There are some well known comedy names in cameos, but you have seen the core group many times. I was actually very surprised to see that Judd Apatow’s name was nowhere to be found on the credits.

Michael I:  I loved all of the cameos. Some were during a party scene, so you kind of expected the rest of that comedy ‘crew’ of friends to be present, but then there’s others throughout the movie that you don’t even expect!

Mike: The core group is Rogen, Franco, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson and Danny McBride.

Mike: Since a number of these guys have been in movies together before, the chemistry is great. There are also some funny references to their movies together like ‘Pineapple Express’ and sadly ‘Your Highness’.

Michael I:  Which Seth Rogen co-wrote with Evan Goldberg.

Mike: After the show ‘Undeclared’, I expected to see a lot more of Jay Baruchel, but it didn’t happen. It looks like he is now starting to get some recognition in movies like ‘She’s Out of My League’ and voice work , like ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.

Michael I:  That’s probably why I like this movie — Jay’s at the center of the plot and we don’t get burnt out of the other stars who we see all the time.

Mike: Seth Rogen is consistemtly funny and has proven himself a talented comedy writer. He and Jay both go back to Undeclared along with Jason Segel, who has a cameo in this.

Mike: This was Rogen’s first foray in to directing in cooperation with his writing partner Evan Goldberg. I think this won’t be his last.

Mike: Your rating?

Michael I:  I rate this a 4.5 out of 5. The writing in this movie is fantastic, mostly because either Evan and Seth know the cast so well to write their particulars or there was a lot of ad libbing. Either way, locking these guys up in a house while the world burns around them was a great plot point for their shenanigans. But here’s the thing: If you’re tired of these actors, you won’t love this movie. But it’s the funniest film I’ve seen in more than a year. bravo.

Michael I:  What about yourself?

Mike: I give this a 4 out of 5. I laughed so hard that my face hurt by the end of this. If you are not a fan of potty humor or stoner comedy, then you may want to walk in to a different theater. Also, since this is about the End of Days, don’t accidently take your church group. You might get struck by lightning.

Michael I:  But you have to admit, it did have redeeming moral qualities …


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